• The Importance of Hearing Health: Tips for Protecting Your Ears and Maintaining Good Hearing
    As we get older, it’s common to start suffering from hearing loss. However, there are factors that can speed up hearing loss progression. It’s important that you’re taking steps in Read more
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Causes, Risks, and Treatment Options
    If you’ve ever spent the night around others and had them complain about your constant snoring, you may want to consider talking to your ENT doctor about testing for sleep Read more
  • Find Relief From Your Chronic Sinus Problems
    Dealing with sinus infections can be brutal and can take away from much of your daily functionality. You might find that you deal with sinus problems frequently, which could mean Read more
  • Signs of Hearing Loss
    If you seem to be losing your hearing, you are not alone. In fact, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, it is estimated that 30% of adults over the age Read more
  • Are You Suffering From a Sinus Infection?
    How your ENT specialists in Austin, TX, can help with a sinus infection Sinus infections can make you miserable, especially if you have them frequently. They can cause pressure and pain Read more
  • The Importance of Regular Hearing Tests for Adults
    Your hearing is precious and hearing well contributes greatly to your quality of life. As you grow older, you may experience some degree of hearing impairment. In fact, according to Read more
  • The Benefits of Early Detection and Treatment of Sleep Apnea
    Have you been told you snore? Do you feel groggy most mornings and have a difficult time concentrating? If this sounds like you, it’s possible you might have sleep apnea, Read more
  • Signs Your Child Could Have an Ear Infection
    Ear infections are a common medical problem in children. Bacteria can infiltrate the ear canal, causing unpleasant and painful symptoms. Your ear, nose, and throat specialist, also known as an Read more
  • What Is Causing My Sore Throat?
    Everyone experiences a sore throat occasionally. If you have a sore throat that never goes away and becomes a chronic condition, you need to seek out the help and expertise Read more
  • Welcome to Our Blog
    Welcome to the Blog of Austin Association Of Otolaryngologists, P.A.Austin Association Of Otolaryngologists, P.A. would like to welcome you to our blog. Here you will find informative and useful postings Read more

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